Back To Work

Forgive me. I told myself and you all that I would try and be consistent with this as much as possible, and my last post was back towards the start of August. Maybe I should go easier on myself; so far I've posted once a month, which is probably consistent enough to whet the appetite of whoever thinks these posts offer anything of value in the chaotic sea of internet personalities without forcing myself into your lives and onto your feeds too much. It's been an interesting month and a bit, with things starting to pick up in ways I didn't anticipate. 

When taking a look at 2016 so far, I have without a doubt been relatively inactive overall. This can be attributed to a few big changes in my personal life, but I'm happy to see a few things find their way to me, all differing widely from each other, to kickstart a motivation that can ebb and flow as it pleases along with the usual self-doubt that many working in creative industries go through. That last part cannot be underestimated; that struggle is real and present, but it has a tough enemy to defeat in the form of a passion that will never die. 

Last month, I worked with my good friend and usual collaborator Drew Kendell on a production for Pilerats and their Halloween Event at Metro City, Perth next month, taking a dead meme and bringing it back to life in dank and evil ways ... 

I worked on this very ambitious production as First Assistant Director, my first time within the role in a good three years or so. For those outside of the film & video world, no, it doesn't mean I make coffees for the Director, but I do try to schedule those coffee breaks in and keep things moving along as best I can. Coffee is love. The final product turned out great and the cast and crew did an excellent job of working in very tight conditions. Check out Dat Video below. 

I've also begun corporate video work which I absolutely intend to continue working within. This is not work which I'll not always share on this particular platform, as their intended use falls outside of what this platform is designed for, but I'll share when I deem it appropriate. While this type of work often falls outside of the creative world of narrative storytelling, it's a wonderful opportunity to develop and hone your skills in ways that can translate to multiple aspects of film production. Namely, shooting and editing effectively. Often as a Director, I'm steering that ship from the backseat, so it's wonderful to be back in the driver's seat shooting and editing content in a more direct fashion. And even as more "business-driven content", there's still a drive to tell humanistic stories wherever possible. My Panasonic GH4 has also enjoyed stretching its legs again (I forgot how much of a workhorse this little camera is)

There're a couple of other things in the works that I hope I can share with you all once they develop past infancy, as well as a few other mini-essays I wish to write, but until then, thanks for sticking with me.